Project Objectives

 The project has four inter-related key objectives. Through them, young women from non-traditional academic backgrounds will:

      1. Explore the history of minority role models at the University of Oxford;
      2. Engage in digital story production, storytelling and story presentation;
      3. Interact with technology in a creative, non-threatening and empowering way through being taught how to design and code mobile phone apps;
      4. Increase the young women’s academic confidence by collaboratively working on the above activities.

These objectives will be met by drawing on our team’s interdisciplinary expertise in learning technologies, engaging with communities of young people from non-traditional academic backgrounds, new media, coding and programming, and the design and implementation of mobile applications. Achievements will be assessed against the following metrics and insights:

      1. Increased skill levels in terms of media production and editing;
      2. Increased skill levels in terms of programming and coding;
      3. Increased understanding of the challenges and barriers faced by young women in applying to University;
      4. Increase in the academic confidence of the young women.

An initial baseline measurement (questionnaire and interviews) will help to establish the impact of the project on the young women.

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