Digital Wildfire Competition – project entry from Isabelle and Frances

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Session 14: Completing and presenting our Digital Wildfire Projects

Today the Go girls have been working on their individual projects for the Digital Wildfire competition. They have been working in pairs on topics about good and bad social media and events that they have experienced when using social media.

The projects will be entered into a competition and the lucky winners will get the opportunity to take part in an event in London on the 12th of January 2016 – fingers crossed girls!!!!



IMG_4019 IMG_4035

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Go Girl’s 24 hour walk

The Go Girls will be taking part in a 24 hour sponsored walk in partnership with The Children heard and seen charity.

Start date: Sunday the 20th of December 2015 at 10am until 10am on Monday the 21st. We will all be meeting at the East Oxford Early Intervention Hub to start our adventure.

The group will begin our journey starting in the Cowley area heading towards Oxford City Centre – we will be walking across most of Oxford – Fingers crossed for no rain!!!

If you would like to join in our walk/part of the walk or sponsor this great cause, then please click here  or get in touch with Mel Jewell 07789493588


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Session 13: Digital Wildfire Projects Progress

In today’s session we focused on finishing the Digital Wildfire projects so the young women could edit and put the finishing touches on them next week before they submit them next Thursday. They made great progress on their projects and we’IMG_2920ll be excited to share them with you all after they present them in next week’s session.

A couple of the young women made a poster that had a word cloud consisting of derogatory terms used to shame other women online. Another decided to do a film where she discusses healthy versus unhealthy social media use. She points out issues such as hacking, privacy, and cyberbullying as the unhealthy behaviours and how these can threaten the benefits or healthy side of social media like keeping in touch with family and friends, supporting friends through positive comments and sharing laughs through videos and memes.

What has been really interesting is hearing about the different experiences and seeing what everyone chooses to share about their social media use. It seems they have all dealt with bullying and privacy issues, which has informed their choices on what to present for their projects. These happen to be the two biggest policy issues regarding social networking sites. It was also interesting to hear one of the young women discuss her motivations for wanting an account initially, saying it was just to keep in touch with friends who were too busy and family that were far but her mom was really concerned about her being bullied online. She has had to deal with this a little through mean comments but that the real issue she has had to deal with was more about strangers sending her messages and seeing disturbing videos posted. All of the young women are active social media users and this project has been a great opportunity for them to reflect on their experiences and these issues. It will be interesting to hear their final reflections when they present next week.

Next week is the Ada Lovelace Symposium here in Oxford, and our last go_girl session until we break for the holidays. We’ll be busy preparing for the next phase of go_girl where the young women will be learning how to code and make their own mobile apps. A lot of exciting things ahead!

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A short recap of the past few months in pictures

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From Sabbah’s Blog: At The Blackbird Leys Job Fair!


Me interviewing Emma Carneyunnamed1unnamed2

On the 11th of November of 2015 I went to the Blackbird Leys Job Fair with Go Girl. ( Click the link to find out what else we go up to!)

We participated as a group to find out what local training and employment opportunities were available. There was a few retailer offering employment as well as colleges offering apprenticeships and courses. Part of the course was to interview employers and local residents looking for jobs.

We asked employers what they looked for in a good employee and what there expectations were for the potential employees. We also asked local residents who were looking for employment opportunities what their expectations were in looking for a job and what jobs were available to them.

This was a good experience for us to get together as a group and attend the local job fair. then we all went for Lunch at Al Sharmi…

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Go Girl Goes to the Job Fair – A short documentary created and edited by the young women

On 11 November, the Go Girls made a trip to the job fair in East Oxford (see separate post). The young women had researched and prepared a set of questions to ask potential employers. They interviewed and filmed with their iPads the responses of a wide rage of diverse employers, and then reflected on what they had learned from them. Using video editing software, the Go Girls then returned to the computer lab to edit their films, creating a short group documentary of their visit. The result can be viewed here. We would like to sincerely thank all the employers who agreed to be interviewed and filmed for the purpose of this short clip.

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Session 12: Digital Wildfire Discussion: what does it mean to be a good digital citizen?

     Today we had Helena from the Computer Science Department come talk to us for half of the session about the Digital Wildfire project. The young women had the opportunity to engage with her on issues of digital citizenship and share their experiences of using social media. They reflected together on what being “a good digital citizen” might mean in the context of social media, and what they would do if they came across inflammatory context posted on a social media site. Helena introduced the competition that Digital Wildfire is currently holding and encouraged the Go Girls to enter the competition and submit some of their individual projects, which are tailored to Digital Wildfire. The competition deadline is on the 10th of December so our young women have two more weeks to finish their projects and we’ll be sure to share them with you here as well.
     In the second half of the session, we finished the job fair documentary which we will be posting on the blog shortly so do check it out when you can. The documentary will be used as part of a project showcase run by the university’s IT services tomorrow. A few of our young women will also be there to talk about the project.
     Everything is progressing nicely and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s finished projects. Next week we will be focusing on finishing the projects so they can add final touches and revisions in our last session before we go on break.
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Session 11: Finances, Documentary Editing, and Digital Wildfire

This week we started the session off with a lesson on finances where the young women learned about managing their money and about the risks of short term cash loans. money GG          We then continued with the individual projects and began editing the job fair interviews into one documentary. Some of the young women have incorporated another project called Digital Wildfire into their individual projects. Digital Wildfire is a really interesting project about digital citizenship and the governance of social media. The project is run by Oxford’s Computer Science Department.

Digital citizenship is generally about responsible online behaviour. It includes awareness of the risks and benefits of the Internet pertaining to issues such as privacy and security, cyber-bullying, and digital literacy where people know how to find and assess credible versus non-credible information online. Primary and secondary schools are beginning to incorporate digital citizenship into their curricula to ensure that young people understand how to use technology appropriately and hopefully reduce the risks and harms associated with it. We are also seeing a growth in community engagement programs tailored toward teaching adults about digital citizenship issues as well. The Digital Wildfire project is a great opportunity for our Go Girls to learn more about digital citizenship.

For the Wildfire project, the young women will be using their individual projects (photography, blogging/vlogging, and gaming) to talk about what it means to be a “goGG1od social media citizen”. They’ve chosen to focus on privacy and security issues and use their own experiences as either witnesses or subjects of cyber-bullying and/or hacking. They’ll be entering their projects in a competition where the winners are invited to London to showcase their work and receive their award.

Aside from this, another group of our young women worked on cutting down the interview footage from the job fair. We had over twenty minutes of footage that needed to be cut down to 3.5 minutes. They all listened to the 20+ minutes of footage and wrote down the times for the pieces they want to include in the documentary so they could cut the rest. Next week they’ll be doing to final cuts and adding the effects so it can be presented on Thursday.

Everything is coming along well and it looks like we’ll have our first outputs to show next week and the week after. We’re really pleased so far with how things are progressing. Go Girl is still growing!

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Session 10: Go Girl Goes to the Job Fair: Interviews, Filming and iPad Projects

Today was exciting and productive as we had a full day of activities. We all went to a job fair where the young women had the opportunity to interview employers while filming with their iPads. The interviews turned out really well and we ended up with a variety of employer interviews including those with military personnel, childcare specialists and social workers. TheirGG Job Fair next task is to combine all of the interviews and edit them into one documentary. We’ll be sure to update you all when that’s finished! All in all, the job fair was insightful and the young women gained valuable experience in interviewing.

After the job fair we headed to lunch at Al Shami where the young women were presented with their achievement awards (see picture below) before coming back for our Go Girl session. In today’s session, we debriefed by reflecting on our time at the job fair and seeing what everyone thought was useful. We then watched all of the interviews on the iPads before uploading them all together on the computer.

We spent the rest of the session starting the individual projects. As a reminder, we have three different project areas developed from the young women’s interests. The three project areas are photography, gaming and video blogging/blogging. They used the remainder of today’s session to watch tutorials on the specific software they will be using for their projects. Everyone seems enthusiastic about their projects and we can’t wait to see how their skills develop and what the finished products will look like.

Filling out job applications, interviewing employers, and watching tutorials made for a long but exciting and productive day. Next week we will be editing the interviews into a documentary and continuing the individual iPad projects. We’re excited to update you with the final products!

IMG_2360 - Version 2

Eight of the Go Girls with their Achievement Certificates, awarded by the Oxfordshire County Council

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Session 9: Individualised iPad Projects: Photography, Gaming and Video Blogs!

This was our first week back after the young women’s half-term break. Today’s session was focused on selecting individualised projects for each of the young women to carry out on their iPads for the next couple of weeks. We went around and shared areas of interest and potential career paths everyone was interested in to determine the individual projects. Four of our Go Girls are interested in photography so they will be working on Photoshop and other photography software applications to build their editing skills. Several others were interested in gaming and building apps while the remaining few expressed interest in the entrepreneurial side of video blogging (vlogging).

We spent the rest of the session brainstorming for each of the projects and coming up with end goals. We’ll spend the next couple of weeks watching specific tutorials for the projects and working with the different software. Those interested in blogging/vlogging will work towards building their own blogs, filming vlogs, and marketing themselves. Those interested in photography will be building their own websites or blogs for their photographs and will be learning Photoshop so they can edit their photos. For those interested in gaming, they will learn through basic coding apps and work towards creating their own games. Everyone will share their projects when they finish and we’re really excited to see what they look like!

Next week we’re all going to a job fair where our Go Girls will be conducting and filming interviews with potential employers and other job fair attendees. They’ve come up with an interview protocol including questions about what different employers look for in the hiring process. We’ll be updating the blog with how it goes next week!

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Autumn Fun!! – Another smartphone short-film created by the young women

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Session 8: iPads are Here! iMovie Fun

This week was a really exciting Go Girl session because we received our iPads! We spent most of today’s session setting them up then we used them to film new short videos and edited them. The videos were quite diverse, ranging from political to documentary style autumn themed videos. It IMG_1723was interesting to see how familiar everyone was with the setup despite not having owned an iPad before. The videos turned out great and we plan to have them present their videos to each other the next time we meet. There is no Go Girl session next week because it is half-term so everyone is on break but when we return the first week of November we are going to be moving on to blogging and GarageBand. A couple of the young women are interested in music production careers so it will be exciting to see what they come up with and how it all evolves.

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Smartphone short-film created by one of the Go Girls

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Session 7: Introduction to short filmmaking and video editing

We continued with our digital skills and digital storytelling phase in today’s session, which was focused on short filmmaking and video editing. Building on the previous task of taking pictures throughout their day, last week we asked everyone to shoot a short video clip (1-2 min) of something that happened in their day. We uploaded the short clips onto the PCs in Windows Movie Maker and watched what each other came up with before editing them. They learned how to cut and lengthen frames from their videos and how to apply different visual effects such as fading transitions.

We revisited the concept and practice of storyboarding and had everyone storyboard something else they wanted to film. Some decided to storyboard and film everyday activities such as teatime and walking down the street capturing essences of Autumn. Another young woman who is interested in electronic music IMG_1599production decided to storyboard a music video and will be using electronic music she has made as the background when she films it by next week’s session.

Everyone was enthusiastic about getting to use the computers and edit their videos. The iPads have arrived and everyone is really excited about them! We’re looking forward to seeing their creative potentials and everything we will be able to do and learn with them. Next week we will be finishing up with editing everyone’s videos.

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Poster session at the Department of Education, University of Oxford

The Go Girls were represented with this poster at today’s poster exhibtion at the Department of Education, University of Oxford!


go_girl project poster at OUDE

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Session 6: “A day in the life of…” – Telling our stories through digital pictures

After our introductory life skills sessions over the past month, we had our first session of the digital skills and digital storytelling phase today.

In last week’s session, everyone had been tasked with documenting one day of their week by taking pictures throughout the day. Today, after the usual check-in and recap of last week, those who had completed the picture task uploaded their images on the seminar room PC and presented them on the big screen to the group, elaborating on the story these pictures told. We described what had prompted us to take these specific pictures, what they represented to us and why they were important to us, and how we had felt about the task of documenting a day in our lives.

We then moved on to the concept of storyboarding and watched two short video introductions on how to storyboard a short film. We learned that a storyboard is a visual representation – a drawing or an illustration – to map out the flow of videos, detailing camera angle, light, sound, movement etc..

Each person was then asked to focus on one small event in their stories, such as buying a loaf of bread, and to storyboard that (see picture). The events that the young women chose varied from an encounter with a difficult and demanding person, to putting on make-up before going to a party, to waiting in vain for a colleague at the railway station.

For our next session, we are tasked to create a short video clip with our mobile phones which we will then learn to edit. Everybody seems really excited and looking forward to our iPads arriving in a few weeks’ time, so that we can start to edit the films and record and mix our own soundtracks!



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Session 5: Addiction and Mindfulness

In today’s session, the last one for the life skills development and mindfulness phase, we focused on addiction. This topic again stemmed from earlier discussions we had this summer with our Go Girls about what they thought would be helpful for them. It was a really productive session with great discussion and important connections were made between issues associated with addiction and the importance of what we learned in our previous sessions.

Everyone was really active and engaged during today’s session. After going over the various things people can become addicted to we outlined the cycle of addiction. Then we read over a couple of scenarios and discussed what factors contribute to the cycle of addiction and what can be done to avoid it. Our activities today sparked a lot of discussion and reflection. It provided a good opportunity for our Go Girls tIMG_1378o reflect on their paths and to think about what is needed to stay on a path that gets them closer to their aspirations.

As I mentioned above, connections were made from our previous sessions, which was a nice way to see how they all tie together. Along with fostering healthy relationships, we agreed that open communication is crucial for anyone that might be facing hardships and feeling unstable or at risk of swaying from a positive path toward achieving their goals. Through sharing stories we were able to see how our environments can impact our daily choices but that we do have control over the choices we make and nobody is defined by their postcode.

Next week we are getting into the first week of the digital skills phase. Everyone has been tasked with documenting one day between this session and next by taking pictures throughout the day. We are going to use the pictures to introduce digital storytelling and each person is going to create their own storyboard with their pictures. Later during this next phase, they will be editing and creating short films on topics of their choosing. Everyone is really enthusiastic about this phase!

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Session 4: Dealing with Anger and Aggression

The themes and goals of our sessions for this first phase come from a combination of relevancy for the wider goals of Go Girl and the particular interests of our young women. This week’s session on dealing with anger and aggression was primarily inspired by the latter. While anger is said to sometimes be an appropriate emotion, often times anger and aggression can be an indication of subtle, wider issues. In fact, anger and acts of aggression continue to be cited as common characteristics among disengaged young people. Much like our earlier session on identifying and assessing our values and aspirations, it’s important to be self-aware by learning about what triggers us to become angry and how we handle it. Today we learned about the different types of anger such as passive aggressiveness and hostile or cold anger. It was a really productive session where we reflected on the things in particular that trigger these feelings of anger, how we react to them and what the appropriate ways of dealing with it are.  Everyone agreed that they had learned something useful in today’s session.

Next week we’re focusing on addiction and mindfulness. It’s the last week of this first phase before moving on to digital storytelling and media production skills. Our numbers are growing and we are all looking forward to the creative work ahead!

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Session 3: How Values Shape our Relationships

An article we recently tweeted discussed the importance of understanding the processes and forces shaping our values and aspirations in the context of “coding culture” which connects nicely with a key aspect of this first phase of Go Girl. There is plenty of literature out there that discusses the differences between women and men’s aspirations and how this influences their choice of life paths including fields of occupation and educational attainment with women often having lower expectations in terms of pay and education level. This often goes uncontested making it even more important to develop awareness and to assess where our values and aspirations stem from. In this vein, our first couple of sessions have covered values, aspirations and communication skills. This week we continued with self-awareness practices and life skills development.

This past week we focused on different types of relationships and what it takes to nurture positive relationships in our lives. One of the exercises we completed during the session entailed a relationship poster {see below} with a ship drawn on it where we wrote out characteristics needed for healthy relationships in the ship and what makes for unhealthy and unsustainable relationships in the water, ultimately causing our relationSHIP to capsize. An important take-away from our discussion on relationships was the idea of establishing boundaries for ourselves within the workplace and at home. We discussed how women often have a harder time setting boundaries and being able to say “no” to more work when we already feel overwhelmed. This is important to be aware of, especially for women seeking careers in male dominated fields like most of the tech sector.


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Session 2: Communication Skills

Today’s session was focused on communication skills. Communication is fundamental for us to not only express our interests and aspirations but also to help foster healthy relationships, which is next week’s topic. It’s been shown that level of educational aspirations and attainment is positively related to consistent communication with a close support network (Smith-Maddox, 1999).

We completed several activities to distinguish the different types of communication and how listening is a crucial aspect of effective communication as well. We identified which type of communicators we felt we were such as thoughtful/analytical versus straightforward/direct and an important observation one of the young women made was that it really depends on the context and our relationship with those we are talking to and that we don’t neatly fall into one category over another. We also went through a list of “communication shut-downs” that work to shut off lines of communication. We discussed our own experiences with these and the repercussions associated with shutting off communication with one another.

One key take-away from this session was learning that drawing boundaries is particularly important in our everyday lives and how women struggle with this more than our male counterparts in professional contexts. This has wider connections with technology-related fields more generally making it all the more relevant for our Go Girls. Hopefully, by learning the different ways to communicate and how the importance of developing these skills helps us foster healthier relationships, our Go Girls will have the positive impact on educational attainment shown in previous research.

Smith-Maddox, R. (1999). The social networks and resources of African American eighth graders: Evidence from the National Educational Longitudinal Study of 1988. Adolescence, 34, 169–183

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Session 1: Values and Aspirations


We’re officially underway with the first phase of our project, which is dedicated to learning about each other and our values and aspirations. We had our first meeting since returning from summer holiday just last week. During the session we did various activities geared toward understanding the difference between intrinsic and monetary values. We each made our own “values poster” {see pictures below} where we listed what was valuable to us. Common themes were friendship, fairness, kindness, and family. We also went through envelopes of prewritten values and aspirations such as “being successful in sports” and “having a dependable friend” and ranked them from most important to least important. These were useful exercises that helped us to reflect on what was important in our own lives, which can be used to help guide and understand our aspirations. This week we are going to continue with the aspirations focus by filling out some aspiration surveys and discussing with one another. The rest of the month is dedicated to self-awareness and life skills before we move on to the next phases, which have a technology focus and give the young women opportunities to be creative with digital technology by creating videos with their smartphones. We’re currently seeking more young women to join the team and are actively reaching out to our wider networks to encourage more participants.


Identifying values in our lives


Ideas of life skills and topics to cover in phase one

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go_girl: code+create workshop at Said Business School for IT Staff

Niall Winters introducing the go_girl project in a workshop at the Said Business School to IT Staff at the University of Oxford.

IMG_3448 IMG_3449

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Introducing go_girl: code+create

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.19.50go_girl: code+create is a project at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, jointly run by Niall Winters and Anne Geniets. In line with Oxford’s targets in its Access Agreement with the Office for Fair Access, this interdisciplinary project complements existing programmes aimed at widening access (for example: UNIQ and Learning centre), but tackles the problem in a fundamentally new way using technology. For details about the project, please see the “About the Project” link, and also see our outline on the Department of Education’s Learning and New Technologies Research Group Blog.

This research is supported by the University of Oxford IT Innovation Seed Fund.

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