Response to Covid-19: ‘Don’t touch your face’ app

This post was written by go_girl pioneer Ruby!

Hello everybody. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far.

During our session on Tuesday, it was asked if we had any questions about the improvements we made on our app. I wondered if it was possible to position the eyes and the mouth so that the entire face moves as one instead of those features going all over the place.  Ken suggested that I try changing the X or Y blocks by different numbers to see if it would work. For example, I tried adjusting Y by -50. It was fun to experiment.

Next, Ken showed us how to share our projects using a URL to post on the Skype chat section. We will use blocks or sprites from each other’s projects to improve our own. I’m looking forward to doing it.

After we did our check-in on Friday, it was asked if we had any problems with our own apps functioning properly. My issue was that the playback of my voice recording was repetitive.  I wanted it to play the recording once while I touched my face. I debugged it by relabelling the block ‘Play sound Touching Your Face Warning until done’. I tried it afterwards and it worked. I also added a vector background of a book shelf to my program. Everyone thought it looked nice.  Afterwards, we published our programs to the Snap! website.


Next, Ken demonstrated a pose detection site using paper doll assets. Users can upload their own assets or use a sample set. The sample assets delineate Vincent Price who was an American actor, best known for playing characters in horror films. It was fun to see Ken doing poses.

Vincent Price3

This was our last session and before it ended, we said a big thank you to Ken and spoke about our experience with the entire course. I enjoyed using Skype for this but at the same time I missed going to classes in person. I learnt more about Artificial Intelligence than I had done before the course started. We will have another Skype meeting to reflect on our experiences of the course and plans for the future. I will be looking forward to it!


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