Debugging our programs

Hello everybody. I hope you are having a great week so far.

During our Skype session on Tuesday, we shared our homework which was to play around with the “Don’t touch your face” program. I drew a pair of hands, eyes and a mouth. I also recorded my voice to use in the program.  When I moved close to the camera, the program warned me not to touch my face.  However, we needed to do some debugging for it to work when I moved further away from the camera as the mouth wasn’t moving with the other features.

Ruby face1

In this session, we also experimented with borrowing elements (e.g sprites or blocks) from other people’s projects and incorporating them into the projects we created.

In our Friday session, we discussed the homework and spent some more time with Ken working to debug our programs.  For example, I needed help figuring out how to get the eyes, nose and mouth to follow my movements in front of the camera. It was suggested that I should use the visible stepping function with the footprints button to work out what the problem was. Through this process we were able to detect that the problem was with the case of the letters I used for the sprite names (e.g. ‘Nose’ should have been ‘nose’).  Ken mentioned that some people say working on a program is 20% programming and 80% debugging.

Afterwards, I wanted to move the face sprite along with the eyes, nose and mouth. I added the ‘go to’ block with the ‘pose’ property one to follow where the nose was. It worked and I was happy with it.

We will continue to improve our apps until the final Skype session next week. I’m looking forward to it.

I will see you in the next blog post!’

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