Repeat that please! Adding listening to your programs

The post below was written by go_girl pioneer, Ruby

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far.

During our go_girl session on Tuesday, we had our usual check-in and afterwards I screen shared the sample programs I tried on the ecraft2learn website.  First, I demonstrated a program where you can turn a picture into 8 different paintings. It required a webcam and a GPU. For some strange reason, it only transformed the top left corner of the picture into these paintings rather than the whole picture.

Next, I played a game where you can pop virtual balloons with your hands or feet. The highest score I got was 16. It was great to play.  After that, we typed a sentence on Talk to Transformer and a neural network completed the text.  Some of the results were shocking and led to a discussion about bias in AI systems.  In this session, we also focused on adding speech to programs. We each had a turn at changing the rate, pitch or volume of a voice on Snap! It was fun to do.

Afterwards, Ken demonstrated a sample program using speech recognition. There were some problems with the program not repeating what was spoken.  Sometimes there can be problems with speech recognition such as an inability to access the computer’s microphone. Sometimes you have to repeat what you say (e.g. ‘Hello, how are you?’) for the program to work. We also had the opportunity to play around with a listening project on Snap! to test out its accuracy for what was being spoken and also its errors. It was fun.

Our homework is to try using many different commands in a program (e.g. changing colour, using sound effects, experimenting and enhancing it to do interesting things). I’m looking forward to playing around with it!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you in the next blog post!

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