Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) Through Gaming

The post below was written by go_girl pioneer, Ruby.

Hello everyone.  It’s Ruby again and I hope you are all doing well.

I participated in my third session with Go Girl on Skype.  We had our usual check-in before sharing our creations on Snap! and NetsBlox using the screen sharing function.  One of the Go Girls used blocks to make a heart and an octagon on NetsBlox. I made a number guessing game where you can guess a number from 1 to 100.  If your guess is higher than the number, it will say your guess is too high.  If your guess is lower, it will say your guess is too low.  You keep trying until you get the number correct. I enjoyed making it and had fun playing.  My challenge is to use words like colder or hotter instead of too high or too low.

On Tuesday, we focused on AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is an attempt to get computers to do things that people can do that we would say are intelligent.  Alexa is a great example of this when we ask her to play music, games or answer questions.  We were asked if we would ride in a driverless car. Initially, I wasn’t sure because it could go wrong.  However, the others said that they would go because they would be keen to try it out.

Definition of AI

Afterwards, we had a discussion about a TED Talk video “The Danger of AI is Weirder Than You Think.”  The talk was given by Janelle Shane.  I thought it was interesting and funny, especially when she was talking about the strange ice-cream flavours AI came up with (e.g. Pumpkin Trash Break and Peanut Butter Slime). The key message of the video was that when we are working with AI, it is important to try and avoid problems and mistakes that may come down to communication. When we are communicating with AI, we have to understand what it can do and what it can’t.

Ken demonstrated some programs you can try out (e.g. Write With Transformer, AI Dungeon and Pose Animator). They were fun to play with and the homework was to try out more of these sites.

I completed my 4th session with Go Girl on Friday. We did our usual check-in before we screen shared the projects we tried out using the AI websites Ken recommended to us.  I shared what I did on Image Inpainting using the NVIDIA website which can remove unwanted content on a JPG or PNG picture, while filling it with a realistic computer-generated alternative.  You can try Image Inpainting by clicking the link below.


I also tried out AI Dungeon. It is an open source text adventure game run by a text generation program.  It generates a story based on your actions as you play.  Next, Ken showed samples of the programs that are produced with AI Snap! blocks using the ecraft2Learn website. We each had a turn at trying a program. I had a go at writing a sentence to see how confident I was. I wrote ‘Yes, I think we can do it!’ and the result was that I was 102% confident.

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Ken suggested that we experiment with more of these projects and then we’ll start to look at new blocks on Snap! during our next session.  I’m looking forward to our sessions next week and I’ll see you in another blog post!



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