go_girl goes online!

Today Ashmita and I had the pleasure of meeting online with former go_girls.  It was wonderful to catch up and find out what they’ve been up to and how they’re coping during this unusual time.  We were thrilled to learn that, prior to the shelter in place order, Abbey was hired as an Archive Support Assistant at a local hospital.  She is anxious to get back to work as soon as it is safe and we are very proud of her!  In the meantime, she has been busy creating wood sculptures for the fence in her garden as she has a knack for woodworking.

Ruby has been busy developing her online presence by adding content to her blog and she is planning to show off her culinary skills on her YouTube channel.  We certainly miss the lovely baked goods she shared with us during previous in-person go_girl sessions! As usual, she has been cooking up a storm and enjoying time tidying up at home and working in her garden.

Julia has been spending her time working on Maths and Literacy schoolwork online.  However, she found time to paint her room, along with her sister, and neatly organise the contents.  She was very proud to show off her handiwork and I was impressed and inspired to try and do the same in my house!  She also showed us a lovely blue shawl she is knitting.

JJ wasn’t able to join us today.  She had a previously scheduled meeting with a client regarding a commission for a digital art piece.  Both Ashmita and I have commissioned pieces and we’ve been absolutely thrilled with JJ’s creations!

Now that we have successfully connected online, there will be even more excitement next week when we start our online sessions!  We’re truly fortunate to have our very own Ken Kahn leading the sessions.  Want to know what the young women will be creating in these sessions?  Of course you do, so stay tuned and we will share the details in our next post!  Until then, stay safe.


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