Reconnecting with former go_girls

It was a joy to get together with former go_girls for an afternoon of pizza and great conversation. We are proud to say that the majority of the young women are either in education or employment, for example, working on GCSEs, continuing on a Masters Programme in Games Design, and working in a local pharmacy with plans to become a pharmacist. We are thrilled that they are continuing to focus on their goals for the future. We also heard from the young women about their hobbies (knitting, baking) and their recent travels and explorations in other countries and progress in trying new things to overcome social anxiety. We were also fortunate to have one of our former youth workers join us and she shared exciting news about her new business venture in Birmingham. The go_girl staff and participants are a close-knit group and we’re looking forward to our next get-together and following the success of our participants! Stay tuned for more news about the next iteration of go_girl.


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