Week 24: Project Twist and Turns & Python Twist and Turns with Turtle

Hello, everyone, it’s Ruby again. I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. We did our check-in before we continued working on our individual projects. I showed one of the staff my wire-frame sketches for the soda bread website and I also wrote some more content for the site. I used a text-editor called Notepad for HTML. Eventually, I will copy my written HTML content onto WordPress to save time.

Abbey had come up with a new concept for an educational grocery shopping game for primary school children on Scratch. In this session Abbey got very close to completing the game, so will be working on how to make the game more challenging.

After we had our 5 minute break, we went on to Python. We learnt how to drawing with turtle. A turtle is a black arrow that moves around a screen. We learnt how to draw a square using Turtle.

Ruby’s code, with outcome for a multicoloured square turtle

I’m looking forward to next week and I’ll see you on another blog post!

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