Week 23: Back to Projects

Over the next coming weeks until the end of the programme the Go Girl participants will be focusing on their projects. Below is what Ruby mentioned about the status of her project.

Hello everybody, it’s Ruby again. I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. We did our usual check-in before we worked on our projects. I designed the logo for my soda bread website using LogoMakr  I took a screenshot of my logo before I discovered that you had to pay for a high-resolution download. You can only download a low resolution version for free. I have set up the website using WordPress and I will use HTML to create the content.  

We went through the Arrays and Loops exercise homework before we finished the session.

Learning about arrays

Abbey had come up with the idea of creating an app that organises your makeup. Paula found an online website that provides a platform for app building called Ionic which can be found at https://ionicframework.com/. By the end of the class, Abbey realised that the functionality of Ionic was not compatible with her ideas. Abbey decided that her project would instead be a game, and that she would go away and think of a new idea!

Until next time!

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