Week 20: Python mixed with the Natural History Museum

Hello everybody, it’s Ruby again. I hope you all had a brilliant Easter!

We did our usual check-in before we went through our Python exercises homework which was set before the break last week. The first exercise was to write a program that asks you to type in a number. It multiplies the number you enter by 10 and prints the result. We had to convert string input values to integers using int. We also typed in a decimal number, but realised it gave out an error message because a floating-point number isn’t compatible with multiplying by an integer (whole number).

The second exercise was to rewrite a program to ask the student to type in their age. The third exercise was to write a program that checks if two numbers entered by a user are equal. If they are equal, display, “They are equal” else; display, “They are not equal”. The fourth exercise was to write a program that checks the age of a voting person. If they are above the age of 18, display, “You are eligible to vote”. If they are under 18, display, “You are not yet eligible to vote”. We extended our program to also check if the person is registered. 

Afterwards, we went to the Natural History Museum. I had already been there a few times with my family before, but it was nice to go around with the Go Girl participants. We were each given a sheet to answer questions about the museum, which helped to look at the museum in a different way. I had a lovely time there.

I’m looking to the session next week and I’ll see you on another blog post!

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