Session 16 – celebrating the web and an introduction to personal projects

Hello everybody, it’s Ruby again. I hope you are having a lovely week so far. We started the week with our usual check-in and it was nice to hear about everyone’s weeks!
We talked about was the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web on Tuesday. We were shown a video about it and it highlighted the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web. The internet is where computers connect to each other in order to share information, whereas the World Wide Web is where you view websites online.

I recently discovered that the founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a professor of the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University.
Next, we were shown a TED Talks video by Andrew Blum about the physical side of the internet. He talked about visiting the places where the internet physically exists, for example underwater cables, switches and servers which connect us. I thought it was absolutely fascinating.
For our homework, we were asked to find out where the data centres for our cloud storages are. I discovered that data centres for Dropbox, which is something that I use are in the USA.
The team checked some of our HTML and Scratch homework. One of the team played my Number Guessing Game on Scratch without me telling them how the game works, and were pleased to see it woek. One of the team set me a challenge to add a count block to see how many guesses the user gets whilst playing the game.
The team also suggested to add sources to the images we’ve used in our HTML image exercise homework.
After our 5 minute break, we had a discussion about the projects we will be doing in the next 3 months. It can be a website, a game or an app about a subject we’re interested in. There are five stages of making a project: Requirements, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation. We were also asked to write a speech about the project we are planning to do and why we are passionate about the subject we’ve chosen. I’m excited about doing it and planning it all out!
I’m looking forward to the next session and I’ll see you another blog post!’
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