Session 12 – Celebrating women in science and HTML practice

Hello everyone, it’s Ruby again. I hope you all had a good week so far. We went to a different room as there was a lecture going on in our usual room, which was interesting as we got to see a different part of the Department of Education at the University.
Monday 11th was International Day of Women and Girls In Science. The team discussed who their female role models were in the sector and why they were their role models, and challenged us to think about who are role models could be.
We were given homework last week which was to write an HTML page about our safer internet pledges. I shared my HTML page about turning off chat heads from Facebook Messenger and my digital detox.
We had a recap on what we learnt about HTML last week. We created an HTML page containing each letter of our names in a different colour. I had R in red, U in purple, B in Blue and Y in Yellow. Then, we made another page writing each character of ‘GOGIRL2019’ in different heading sizes. Initially, I had a debug in the ‘I’ part. It showed the forward slash, h4 and the closing bracket. I fixed this by adding the opening bracket. We tried to see how far the heading sizes would go. I learnt that ‘h7’ is how far it can go. We also changed each letter of ‘GOGIRL’ to a different font.
At the end of the session, we were given homework to do. It is to write a paragraph about our female role model in STEM and why. We will use the tags we learnt and a tag that the class hasn’t covered yet. I will be using the IMG tag for mine.
Next week, we will use Scratch. It is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own stories, games or animation. I used it before in ICT at secondary school.
I’m looking forward to the next session and I’ll see you on another blog post!’
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