Session 11 – Learning about a safer internet and an introduction to HTML

Hi everybody, it’s Ruby again. I hope you’ve had a good week so far.
We had our usual check-in with 2 new visitors. They were there to see what Go Girl is about and the fun we have.
This Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. We had a discussion about how to stay safe online, for example using privacy settings and never giving out your personal details publicly on the internet. We were shown a video that UK Safer Internet Centre had made about consent (Which you can view in the link below).
We discussed our own experiences with staying safe online, especially when using social media sites.
Afterwards, we were asked about what we would do to stay safe online more. Mine would be to do a digital detox for the whole weekend and switch off chat heads from Messenger. We wrote them down and shared what they were.
We had a 5 minute break and sang some songs, which was a great way to relax and get to know about the girls’ interests!
We were asked about the difference between blogs and websites. Blogs is about writing or sharing what you’re views whereas a website is a series of pages, images and text. I discovered an easy way which you can view seeing a back-end of a web page or site. You right click ‘View page source’ to see the HTML and CSS of the page and how it functions. There are elements which are represented in different colours. The blue element represents hyperlinks, purple represents HTML tags (To help structure the page.)  Head represents the title of your HTML document and body represents the text of what you’re writing. We were asked what HTML stands for. It is Hyper Text Mark-Up Language.The purpose of HTML is to create the basic elements for a webpage.
We started to do HTML using a text editor called Notepad. I learnt that if you write something without using HTML on Notepad, it will appear exactly the same way you made the document. If you want your Notepad document to appear as a webpage, write it in HTML and change the file name from txt to html. Then, you can view it on a web browser of your choice.
At the end of the session, we were given homework to write an HTML page about how we can protect ourselves more about being safe online.
I enjoyed the session. I have done a bit of HTML and CSS in the past using sites like Codecademy. As some of you may know, I want to do some web designing/developing in the future.
I’m looking forward to revising more HTML next week and I’ll see you on another blog post!
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