Session 9: Pseudocode success and a game to think about budgeting!

Welcome back everyone! It’s been quite the week in Oxford so far. We’ve experienced our first snowfall, which was beautiful to see and distracted us oh so briefly from the planning for this week’s session!

We decided to switch gears this week , and pivot from Pseudocode and HTML to some lessons in finance. Not before checking in on the girls’ homework though! After our weekly check-in we went through the homework problems set to challenge the Go_Girls while at home. We dicussed the solutions that the girls had come to, and happy to report success on all counts! It was great to see the different approaches to the same problem – a fantastic opportunity for the young women to see how creative coders can be, and how each coder can almost have their own unique signature on the piece of code that they write!


Examples of different approaches to pseudocodes for printing a pass or fail message for a particular grade

After a well-earned break, our young women played a great game that our new youth worker Abisola (read her bio here), had found on the excellent resource put together on the Barclays Life Skills website .

The game provided the young women with a set amount of money that they had each month, and then took them through various choices of debit, credit and life events as the young women rolled their way around the board. We covered wide ranging topics from what saving can look like, payday loans, and challenged the young women to think about how they would make choices with money. It turned out to be quite competitive game as the young women worked to be the one with the most saving by the end of the month, providing some entertaininment while being highly informative along the way.

We will pick back up next week with another session on finance – see you next week!

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