Session 8: Psuedocode and an introduction to blogging

Hello everybody, it’s Ruby here. I hope you all had a great week so far.
We had Domino’s Pizza for lunch. I had margherita, pepperoni and veggie pizza with a chicken wing. It was delicious!
We had our usual check-in before we went through our homework which was set last week about numbers and printing colours. It was challenging doing pseudocode to begin with, but it has gotten easier for me over the last few weeks.
The last task we did was to create a blog on WordPress.
I made my personal blog called Ruby’s Reflections, which you can click below. I have used WordPress in the past by writing a blog during my time at Made With Joy and letting visitors know that a fansite gallery was updated.
At the end of the session, we were given homework to do. The first one is to read a student’s grade for an exam. If the score is greater or equal to 60, then we print pass or else, they fail. The second one is to read in a age of a voter. If the person is older or equal to 18, then we print they can vote or else, they must be registered to vote. If the person is younger than 18, then they are too young to vote.
Next week, we will go through pseudocodes and our homework. We will also be writing HTML in our blogs and potentially about the basics of finance. I have done a bit of HTML and CSS before using Codecademy.
I’ll see you on another blog post!
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