Session 5: Learning about healthy relationships

Hello everybody, it’s Ruby again.
We’ve just finished our session for this week. We had sandwiches, crisps and salad for lunch. It was delicious!
First, we had a check-in about what we’ve been up to and the challenges we’ve faced in the last week.
For today’s session, we talked about what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy. We were shown a video about it before a discussion. You can watch the video by clicking the link.
Every healthy relationship is based on respect, equity and communication. We learnt that to have a healthy relationship you have to let people be themselves, accept them for who they are, respect their opinions and not pressuring them to do something they don’t want to do.
Always be honest and say what you and mean what you say.
Unhealthy relationships can happen due to being complicated or having a lack of respect. Some of the Go Girls shared their stories about experiencing unhealthy relationships to and it was helpful to share our stories from one another and learn how each of dealt with different issues.
The most important message was to feel good about ourselves as well as others.
This session was insightful – It was a fascinating topic to discuss.
For our last task, we wrote about what makes us feel good about ourselves on post-it notes. One of the things I wrote was people respecting me for who I am.
After the next Go Girl session, we will go out for a Christmas dinner. I’m looking forward to it.
I will see you in the next blog post!’
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