Session 3: Learning some pseudocode

Hello, it’s Ruby again. We’ve finished our session for this week and I had a great time. First, we had Domino’s pizza for lunch and it was delicious!
Then, we had a check in about what we were up in the last week. Abbey passed her driving test and all of us were so proud  of her 🙂 
Next, we had a recap about what we learnt last week. It was fun going over our tasks using the concepts of coding to stack cups and coming up with dance moves.
Afterwards, we had a introduction to Pseudocode. It is a description of what a computer programme or a algorithm must do and it’s usually expressed in formal language rather than programming language. Our first activity was to write Pseudo-codes for simple everyday tasks e.g. making a toast for breakfast. After we finished the first exercise, we wrote another Pseudocode, but with IF statements. It is a programming conditional statement that, if proved true, performs a function or displays information. I enjoyed learning about and writing Pseudo-codes. In our next session, we’ll be learning about loops. 
Go Girl will be taking a break for 2 weeks as some of the staff members are away , but we will be back in Decemeber
I’m looking forward to our next session in December and I hope to see you on another blog post!
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