Session 2: Getting to know each other

Hello, my name is Ruby P. and I’m new to the Go Girl project. I’m a guest blogger for today. We’ve just finished our first session and it was fun. I got to meet all the girls who are also taking part in the project.

Before the session, a few of us went to job fair at the BlackBird Leys Tech Campus. It was a great experience to meet people and talk to them about about the Go_Girl program.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 15.37.15

First, we folded one paper into half. On one side, we wrote our name and on the other side, we wrote a word beginning with the letter of our names which described us. I was Respectful Ruby.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 15.37.17(1)

The next task we did was go on a website called ‘I Could’. We took a quiz which described our personalities and which jobs would come up. Our result would be an animal. I was a polar bear and one of the jobs that came up was a web content editor. The funniest result was a clownfish! If you’re interested, this is where you take the test:

Afterwards, all of us were split into pairs and Colleen came up with 5 questions each. I would write down my partner’s answers and she would write down mine. Questions included our favourite food, the most random food we’ve had, what our dream job would be, a charity or a cause we are passionate about and a thing that annoys us the most and what we could do to sort it out. It was fascinating that many of us have a charity or a cause that we are passionate about.

We went through some important group rules before we finished the session.

I’m looking forward to doing some coding next week, and I’ll see you all again on another blog post!

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