The Awards Ceremony

After months of hard work, learning (and fun, of course!) the Go_Girl Awards Ceremony had finally arrived! This evening would give us a chance to celebrate all of the achievements that the girls have made over the past year, and hear about their amazing final projects! A very happy occasion indeed!

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The evening kicked off with an inspiring speech from Melanie Jewell, Oxfordshire County Council youth worker and unofficial Go_Girl Queen ❤ Mel’s journey to where she is today is incredibly moving and a real triumph over adversity – there was hardly a dry eye left in the house after she’d finished her story, and paid tribute to the accomplishments of this year’s Go_Girl group. The Go_Girl project would be nothing without Mel and all of her hard work!

Mel with gifts

Then we were onto the girls’ own presentations. The build-up to this moment had been rather nerve-filled for many, but all of the young women conquered their nerves and delivered powerful speeches to the packed room. Lots of friends, family and other supporters had turned out to cheer the girls on!

Mental health monsters

The Go_Girls bravely shared the motivation for their projects, which included their own experiences with mental health difficulties. One of the Go_Girls had created a game where players can defeat different mental health ‘monsters’, as seen above. A team of two Go_Girls had also created a website to raise awareness of domestic violence, an issue very close to their hearts.


Another Go_Girl had created a game to raise awareness of animal protection issues. The game enabled people to learn more about different dog breeds. The very cute pictures of dogs got more then a few ‘Awwwws’ from the audience!

Animal quiz game

The hard work that all of the Go_Girls have put into their projects was palpable – a wide variety of IT skills have been learnt over the past year in order to make their plans a reality. Some of the young women had put CSS and HTML into practice in order to build websites, whilst others had learnt how to use app prototyping programmes. One Go_girl had mastered Unity in order to build a fantastic game featuring her own self-designed animations.

Following the presentations the Go_Girls were invited back on stage to receive their awards. It’s been a fantastic year, and the awards are very well deserved. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these amazing young women, and it has been a privilege to work alongside them the past year.



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