Showcasing our talent: A tale of puppies

The big day is fast approaching! No, we aren’t referring to the Royal Wedding (congratulations to the most excellent couple in advance!). Yes, we are talking about the final ceremony for go_girl, where the young women get the chance to show off their hard work to family , friends, and researchers alike. This ceremony will give the young women a chance to not only showcase their new coding skills but also to talk about their personal journey through the year that has been go_girl. The young women have hard at work over the last month putting the finishing touches on their projects for their showcase, and we thought it would be great to spend the next few weeks showcasing the young womens’ projects  (without too many spoilers of course!)

So first up, we have a project that has been put together by Abbey, whose love of animal (particularly dogs), and rescuing dogs has served as the inspiration for her project. Her project will include not only a presentation that passionately advocates for the rescuing and rehoming of animals, but also two games that she has created using her newly acquired skills in Scratch. Where one game is to serve as an education tool for young children (and adults alike) about the different breeds for dogs, the other is a more fun maze game, where you are responsible for guiding a young puppy around a maze to feed it – and make sure you get it done in time, or it will be very sad! Here’s a few snapshots below:

Next time, we’ll be showcasing Julia’s work- Julia’s project fuses her knitting skills with her newly acquired understanding of HTML. Intrigued? Tune into our next blog post to find out more!


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