Session 31: Project Fun and Being Resilient

With the Easter break just over the horizon, the whole team felt extra motivated this week to make good headway with their projects. However, keeping up the momentum on longer term initiatives can sometimes be tricky. Life throws curveballs when you least expect it, and it can be hard to stay motivated in the face of unexpected obstacles.

We hope that taking part in Go_Girl builds resilience, which is an essential skill in today’s turbulent world. Working on individual passion projects, as the Go_Girls do, can give a sense of purpose that is very sustaining. The process of creating and succeeding in an individual endeavour can build self-esteem. It also helps to foster problem solving skills when things don’t go to plan! Being part of the Go_Girl team also means being part of a supportive and encouraging social network that is always there to cheer you on!


The projects are developing wonderfully, as is all of our resilience! One Go_Girl worked on modelling characters for her game on Unity. Another added a ‘word of the day’ feature to her book review app. Other Go_Girls got their websites up and running. It was a great week full of progress before a well earned Easter week off filled with chocolatey goodness.



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