Session 30: Speaking out and project time

With almost 2 months to go until the final ceremony, the Go_Girls are hard at work on their individual projects. These range from a game in Unity to websites, to apps, and even games in Scratch. To give the young women some practice with public speaking and presentation of their work, we spent some time on some speaking games! It was exciting to see the young women think about how best to present and talk about their work, and we also challenged them to do some creative story telling on the spot. Making use of a random word generator, each young woman was given two words that they had to weave into a story on the spot – it definitely made for some interesting tales! It’s absolutely fantastic to see how far some of these young women have come in terms of public speaking – some who weren’t even willing to introduce themselves at the start of the year nearly had us in splits of laughter with their witty storytelling.

The bulk of the sessions were devoted to work on on their projects, which are all coming along at a great pace. The range of creativity and coding techniques is allowing the young women to showcase their interests and designs. While some are tackling more complex code, those that are nearing the completion of their initial ideas are now working on adding more complexity in order to really push their limits. We are really excited by all the progress and look forward to seeing what else the young women can achieve!

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