Session 27: Prototyping and Bravery

The ‘Beast from the East’ was in full force this week, smothering Oxford in a blanket of fresh snowy powder blown in by icy winds. Sadly the Wednesday session had to be cancelled due to road safety concerns, but the Tuesday group managed to meet before the big freeze!

We started the workshop this week with another fantastic TedTalk, this time by Reshma Saujani – founder of Girls Who Code.

Screenshot 2018-03-13 22.08.07

In this talk Saujani explores the way that society’s normative expectations of femininity shape girls to seek perfection, rather than to be brave. She believes that learning to code offers girls a chance to be brave and reshape their understanding of their own abilities and what girls can do as a whole. We all agreed with her point that coding can be frustrating at times – it often takes many tries until the code will finally work. However, this iterative process of tweaking and tinkering with whichever language you are programming in is an essential part of the coding process – you need to become comfortable with ‘failure’ as in fact this is how you learn and eventually succeed.

Today the Go_Girl group also got to try out high fidelity prototyping using Axure RP. One of the Go_Girls is creating a mobile app for her book reviews. It was fantastic to see her ideas come to life on the screen. We are all looking forward to trying out the app ourselves in the coming weeks.


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