Session 25: Careers Fest and Project Time

On February 6th the Go_Girl team headed off to the ninth annual ‘Careers Fest’ at the Oxford MINI Plant. Over all, we had a great experience. There were lots of interesting companies to talk to. UK Atomic Energy Agency, Microsoft, Sophos, Nielsen and Thames Valley Police were just some of the organisations in attendance. The MINI displays were pretty cool too!


Whilst it was an interesting experience attending the fair, some of the employers proved difficult to speak to. Many just kept saying ‘look online’ when asked about current openings. We were a bit disappointed as we had hoped to give out some CVs and hear about specific job opportunities. The Armed Forces team were the most informative about current application procedures, including the fact that girls can now apply to the Royal Marines!




Back at the University, we kept working away on our projects. Each Go_Girl needs a different range of technical skills to complete their own concept. We have been working hard on building up our HTML, Scratch and Unity abilities. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting ventures!

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