Session 24: Stepping up the career ladder

Leading on from last week’s inspiring career advice afternoon with Kiki McDonough, the Go_Girls have decided to attend an upcoming job fair. Hosted in the Oxford MINI Plant by OxLEP, the Careers Fest on the 6th of February is a fantastic opportunity to meet 50 local employers and gather information and ideas about work. To start the session we took a look at some questions that an employer might ask an attendee at the fair, and vice a versa.


It was great to have an open discussion about our own experiences of applying for jobs – both the good, the bad and the ugly! Sharing the tips we’ve picked up along the way with one another really helps to build our collective knowledge and confidence for future applications.

Next we moved onto working on the Go_Girls’ individual projects.


Putting together prototypes of the final products, whether that’s a wireframe of a website or an app mock-up, has been a great way of visualising the steps required to achieve these goals. Having these initial plans on hand when working on different bits of code helps to keep the big picture in mind.


We ended the session with a well deserved slice of chocolate cake to celebrate one of the team’s 18th birthday. After all, all work and no cake would make for a dull Go_Girl experience!

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