Session 22: New Year, New Goals

The first Go_Girl session since the Christmas break went off with a bang! The festive period, a difficult time for many across the country, was especially tricky for many of the Go_Girls. It was so wonderful to all get together and reconnect. We were keen to focus on the new year. It’s a fresh start, an opportunity to start over and to achieve new aims.


After checking in with everyone we re-visited the Go_Girls’ project plans from last term. Over the break many of the young women have had new and fresh ideas about what they would like to focus on in their individual work. To try and map these out, the Go_Girls filled in some project plans. It is important to have a clear idea of where we are heading, and what support we may need.


The young women have some really exciting plans in place! We can’t wait to see how they will develop over the coming months. To end the session, the Go_Girls were asked to think even further ahead, to what they might like to be doing after completing the programme. Jo Hannaford, our amazing supporter from Goldman Sachs, had specifically asked the young women to consider these future goals. Many of the young women have previously been told that they will amount to nothing. It’s pretty difficult (understandably) to believe in yourself if you’ve been spoken to in this way. But that’s why the Go_Girl project is so important – we build each other up, and support one another to achieve our aims. Each member of the team has their own interests and passions, whether that be helping abandoned animals or encouraging more girls to take up mechanics. We know the future is bright for these fantastic and inspiring young women – and we can’t wait to see each other make it!


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