Session 21: Entrepreneurship for a Better World and Christmas Cheer!

Our last session before the Christmas/New Year holiday was a fantastic one! Bill Liao visited the Go_Girls to share his story of going from a high school dropout to an extremely successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker. He also shared his passion for employing entrepreneurship to create value for society and enrich the lives of others. He has founded numerous initiatives including CoderDojo, a worldwide network of free programming clubs for children, and WeForest, an initiative to combat climate change by restoring forests which cool the planet and decrease carbon dioxide. Learn more about him and his fascinating work at Bill Liao: “Two Trillion Trees to Save the World” and Bill Liao – Meaningful Investment and What Issues Should we Care About – DFF 2017.

The Go_Girls are preparing projects and presentations and many of them experience anxiety about public speaking. Bill addressed this issue and spoke about how anxiety and excitement are very similar emotions and a person can “choose how you be about stuff.” In other words, we have the power to reframe our thinking about public speaking by focusing on the positive outcomes rather than any perceived negative outcomes of a talk. We can shift from being anxious to being excited. For more information about the science behind this, see Alison Wood Brooks’ article titled “Get Excited: Reappraising Pre-Performance Anxiety as Excitement” in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Bill Liao

During this week’s session, the Go_Girls also utilized a template to define their project plans and determine a timeline for each phase. They have some brilliant ideas and there was lots of excitement as they discussed their plans with the group. To end the year, the young women enjoyed a lovely dinner at Ask Italian followed by Jack and the Beanstalk, a wonderfully fun family pantomime. For a little extra Christmas cheer, each of the young women went home with a box of delicious Cadbury chocolates! Happy Christmas to all and we will return in January with more exciting updates.

Project template

Ask Italian2

Ask Italian food

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