Session 18: All that glitters is #goals

Coding our own embroidery on Turtlestitch has really inspired the Go_Girl team. Many of the young women are creative spirits, and it has been exciting to explore the ways that technology can enhance our artistic endeavours. But making it in the creative career world is not easy. We were very lucky this week to receive a visit from a woman that has  – Cathy Best. Cathy is a world renowned jewellery designer. Her designs have been worn by many famous figures, including Joanna Lumley, and have won numerous competitions.

cathy best

But her journey to the top has not been an easy one. The Go_Girls really appreciated being able to hear about the hurdles Cathy has had to overcome to make it in the jewellery design world. In particular, Cathy never let other people’s negative comments get her down. Instead the put-downs she received early on drove her forward – she knew she could prove them wrong if she worked hard and didn’t give up.


We all face challenges in our quest to achieve our dreams. The Go_Girls face more than most. Yet they are determined to turn their lives around. Hearing from Cathy today, and seeing how far she has come since her early jewellery design sketches, was a brilliant experience that really motivated the young women to keep going. It was also very interesting to hear about the increasing importance of technology in the jewellery design business – CAD/CAM operators are now in high demand within the industry. It was a great session, and we can’t wait to see the Go_Girls’ own creative projects start to come alive.

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