Session 17: CVs and Turtlestitch

Inspired by Julian Box talking about tech careers last week, this Go_Girl session tackled the issue of CVs. The average time a recruiter will spend looking at a CV is 5-7 seconds, and 76% of CVs are ignored if the email address given is ‘unprofessional’.  It was really interesting talking to the young women and hearing about their experiences of applying for jobs. Many of them have had disheartening encounters with bullying bosses and ableist colleagues. In the hope of giving the Go_Girls the best chance possible of winning their dream careers we spent part of the session writing and formatting their CVs.


We then moved on to exploring Turtlestitch, an amazing piece of technology that enables users to code patterns which are then printed by embroidery machines. This is right up the Go_Girls’ street – they are a very creative bunch! After a demonstration from one of last year’s participants the young women began creating their codes.


It will be really exciting to see the finished embroidery in the coming weeks!


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