Session 14: Speaking Out and Practicing Presentations

Do you enjoy giving presentations? When asked this question, many people will respond with an abrupt ‘No!’. A study conducted in 2012, for example, found that ‘public speaking’ is a more commonly listed fear than ‘death’! That’s my halloween outfit sorted then …

scary presentation

No matter how speaking to a group of strangers might make us feel, however, it cannot be avoided. Being able to present effectively is a vital life skill. Certainly, we won’t all be giving speeches in the House of Commons. But all of us at some point will have to speak in a meeting, attend an interview or even argue our case to a complaints department.


Today the Go_Girls faced their fears and gave giving a presentation a go. The session started with watching Nancy Duarte’s TedTalk on the ‘Structure of Great Talks’, and discussing why presentation skills might be important in the Go_Girls’ lives.

We then played a fantastic game called ‘Toastmaster’. A cup with words like Digital, HTML and ‘Go_Girl’ was passed around the room. Everyone had to pick out a word and then give a short impromptu speech on that topic. This exercise provided a really fun and light-hearted way to get a bit of presentation practice, and even the shyer members of the group felt able to join in.


The session finished with the young women creating their own presentations using either Office PowerPoint or Prezi. It was great to see the Go_Girls putting what they had learnt into practice. We have a number of opportunities to present coming up, and we can’t wait to see these brilliant young women give it their all!





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