Session 13: Coding – a guessing game?

This week the Go_Girls got straight back into Scratch with a fun and challenging task. The young women were asked to create a ‘guessing game’ using the skills they had learnt last week. The little ‘sprite’, or animated character, central to the Scratch interface can be programmed to randomly choose a number between 1 and 100. It can also be programmed to ask the gamer to guess ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ depending on what number they type in, until the correct number is guessed.


This activity provided a great opportunity to discuss some of the key programming concepts, such as loops. Scratch is proving to be a brilliant tool for bringing to life some of these abstract ideas in a tangible and enjoyable way.


Once the games had been completed we moved on to talking about presentation skills. We all downloaded Office and started to explore PowerPoint and Word. The Go_Girls will be asked to present their final projects at the end of the programme to an audience – not an easy feat, especially for the shier members of the group. Being able to present your ideas clearly and effectively, however, is a key skill for anyone entering further education or the workplace. We are really looking forward to seeing how the young women’s public speaking abilities develop in the coming weeks.

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