Session 10: Mastering blogging and doing the robot

Following on from the great success of last week’s blogging session, this week saw the Go_Girls continue to work on their individual sites. Some of the young women have been working on their blogs in their own free time, adding new posts and information. They are all very different, reflecting the diversity of interests that the Go_Girls hold.


The young women were taught how to ‘inspect’ the code that lies behind their customised pages. Seeing how particular commands could be altered to make a blog title bold or underlined, for example, enabled the Go_Girls to begin learning code in a more tangible way.


With all this hard work going on, a bit of light relief was required. Luckily, an activity had been planned that involved the Go_Girls writing out ‘codes’ for a ‘robot’ (i.e. one of the research team) to carry out. The ‘codes’ were linked to different movements – an arrow pointing upwards means jump upwards, for example. The young women could also get creative and make their own codes, if they wished. There was a lot of laughter during this exercise – in particular when one of the robot researchers attempted the Irish jig – and it was also a brilliant way for the Go_Girls to get to grips with writing ‘code’.



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