Session 9: The Go_Girls Enter the Blogosphere!

The Go_Girls enjoyed a fun-filled summer with trips to Bourmouth Beach and Cadbury World. The summer fun has come to an end. However, our exciting fall sessions are now in full swing! We kicked off our first meeting with an introduction to WordPress, a web publishing tool. The focus this week was on creating a blog and learning about the similarities and differences between blogs and websites.  The young women were tasked with developing names for their blogs and thinking about topics. Several examples of blogs were reviewed including our very own Go_Girl blog, as well as blogs about poetry, celebrity animals, food, fashion, and more. There was lots of serious brainstorming going on in this session and the young women were very imaginative and created some catchy blog names! There was interest in a variety of blogpost topics including World War II, carpentry, video game reviews, tattoo art, and music videos.

In addition to creating blogs using WordPress, the young women learned about domain extensions and what they represent and the talented designer of our Go_Girl mascot gave us a lesson on colour theory as it relates to art and web design. That was a real treat! Work on the blogs will continue and we will have a look at the code behind the sites in upcoming sessions. Be sure to watch this space for more updates!

Website Blog

Color theory





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