Session 6: Social media, body image and dancing to our own rhythm

This week the Go_Girls tackled one of the most talked about pressures of our time – body image. Anyone with Instagram knows that tanned, toned (and more often than not edited) selfies are de rigueur on this social app. It’s hardly surprising that trying to keep up with these unrealistic #bodygoals can lead young people to struggle with their mental health. As a group we shared some of the worries and concerns that we have about social media pressures and body ideals, as well as some tips for improving self-confidence. Surrounding yourself with positive people, who boost you rather than knocking you down, is key. After all, the ‘thigh gap’ and ‘thick thigh’ trends will come and go, but true friendship lasts a lifetime.



An important part of being self-confident and forging positive relationships is knowing what your values and aspirations are. For the second part of the session the young women defined the values and aspirations that they hold. For some this included family, friends, happiness and health, whilst for others independence, helping the community and being determined came first. This exercise was a really positive step for the young women towards finding, and reaching, their future goals. Goals that have nothing to do with an ideal dress size, but instead family, friend and career ambitions. The Go_Girls shared some of these in a second round of selfie videos.

The sessions this week were so full of optimism and hope for the future that they ended with us all dancing for joy …. literally! Everyone got on their feet to pull some moves to the cheesy disco classic ‘the Cha Cha slide’. A very happy way to end the week – roll on session 7!

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