Session 5: Video Selfies & telling our stories online

We had an excellent week this week, where we continued our dicussions with the young women about being safe online.  We kicked off both our sessions with a conversation about finance, debt and benefits that the young women had with a representative from the Department of Work and Pensions. It gave the young women a chance to talk about the jobs they’ve had, what they’ve learned, and what options they needed to consider in their current job-hunts. We talked full-time jobs, apprenticeships and everything in between!

When talking about digital safety, we enjoyed an excellent discussion with the young women about how they approached posting information online  – what were the safeguards that they put in place for themselves when using social media? This led to interesting discussions around self-image and how we represent ourselves online.

We put this into practice by going outside and starting with video introductions (‘video selfies’). Some of the young women did not yet feel comfortable to be in front of the camera, but found creative ways to introduce themselves nonetheless. We were all very impressed! We encouraged the young women to reflect in their short videos on what they wanted to achieve through go_girl, why they were in fact here at go_girl, and then, coinciding with International Selfie Day, spent some time in the sun making these fun ‘selfie videos’ to capture those thoughts, and showcase some creativity!

Next week we will revisit some of the issues around self-image and body image and how different people represent themselves online, and will move towards writing our own blog posts.


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