Session 4: Relationships & Being safe online

This week we focused on relationships. After our routine check-in we jumped right in by discussing what makes up both healthy and unhealthy relationships.


For healthy relationships we found that trust, support, compassion and being able to banter without taking it too far are most important. As far as indicators of unhealthy relationships go the major red flags were abuse and being taken advantage of. It was a passionate discussion and definitely brought the group closer.


After discussing what makes relationships healthy and unhealthy we went through hypothetical situations and how we would handle those. One of the questions that generated a lot of dialogue and amazing responses was “what would you do if your friends gave you a hard time for taking school and homework seriously?” Ebonee responded with “talk to me when you’re cycling and taking the bus and I’m riding around in my whip!” Another said, “Don’t mess with my future!” The overall activity was productive and a nice way to share our experiences with each other.


The two activities generated a lot of discussion so time went by faster than expected. In our first group of the week, we then moved on to relationships and friendships online and to a discussion about being safe online, particularly on social media. This will also be important for later on, when we start writing our own blogs. We will revisit the topic then. In the second group, we didn’t get a chance to talk about being safe online and go over the pseudocoding this week but we will in our next session. We decided to use the last bit of time in the session to hand out the phones and laptops. Everyone was so excited to receive their new laptops. Ebonee said it felt like Christmas and they said they couldn’t wait to get to work on their go girl projects. We can’t wait either!

Next week the go girls are headed to Rose Hill to represent the program! We’re looking forward to updating you all on that next week.

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