Session 1: On the road(map) to success!

The second session of go_girl had a lot to live up to after the huge success of week 1. Unsurprisingly, however, week 2 proved to be another fantastic afternoon full of insightful discussions and fun activities. I was lucky enough to join the second group for session 2 this week, with JJ, Sophie, Rebecca and Abbey, which also meant being able to witness the debut of JJ’s brilliant go_girl mascot! JJ has taken everyone’s input on board to create an uber impressive Xena warrior princess-esque emblem that really captures the strength and determination of the young women in the group.


The grit that the team possesses became very clear during the group discussion about anxieties and worries. Through bravely sharing any concerns that they have, such as worrying about presenting in a group or feeling down on a go_girl day, the young women were able to support each other and come up with joint solutions to tackle these issues. This brought the team much closer together – as did the go_girls’ shared loved of animals! One of the young women was very keen to bring her new puppy into one of the sessions, so watch this space for cute dog photos in the coming weeks!


Next we had the opportunity to share experiences of work, both positive and negative. It was really interesting to hear about each young woman’s very different employment pathways. Most of the group had experienced some sort of bullying or belittling in the workplace, which had made them feel low in confidence. They all agreed that being in a supportive work environment would make a huge difference to their confidence. One of the young women has an induction for a new job this week, and is really hopeful that it will work out as the team there have been really welcoming. We will all be keeping our fingers crossed for Sophie over the next few days and wishing her all the best!

Whilst a positive and empowering workplace is a must for all of the young women, each individual has very different career ambitions that match their own unique interests. Completing roadmaps detailing where the go_girls would like to be in two years time, and the steps needed to reach that goal, allowed the group to reflect on these differing needs. One of the young women, for example, would like to be in full time employment in two years time, and would like to have further training, help in writing her CV and a boost in confidence to get there. These plans will really help the go_girl team to provide tailored and effective support for each of the young women – I can’t wait to work alongside them over the coming months to help make their dreams a reality.


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