Session 0: First session for year 2 of go_girl!


unspecified (2)We’re so thrilled to be back with a new group of ambitious young women and had our first session of the year. We spent the session getting to know each other through different ice breaker activities, discussing everyone’s expectations and goals for the year and collaborating on what the go_girl mascot will look like. We have twelve girls to start with and plans to add more. Because of the increased size we’ve decided to split this year’s sessions into two per week instead of one so everyone gets the proper attention needed for their projects and skill development.

When discussing each of the go_girl’s expectations and goals for being part of the team most said they were eager to learn how to make games, create empowerment blogs relating to things they’re passionate about, building confidence and overall skills. Everyone said they were looking forward to using what thunspecifiedey learn with go_girl for their futures. Each go_girl brings a unique perspective and different skills that makes me look forward to the collaboration opportunities ahead.
Speaking of unique talents, one of our go_girls, JJ, is a self-identified creative with years of experience and an impressive artistic eye! When we were working on the mascot design everyone went around
expressing what they would like included and JJ used all of the input to draft an amazing mascot! We’re excited to share it with you all when it’s finalised.

The session went by quickly as usual but it was really productive. Each go_girl was given a notebook to use for reflection so they spent part of the last bit of the session writing in those. We ended with some lively discussions on various topics the go_girls are interested in discussing and learning more abounspecified (1)ut. A couple of them included cyber-bullying, privacy online, body positive messages and confidence building. These are especially pertinent topics today that are important to learn about and discuss. It will be really interesting to hear everyone’s experiences, concerns and proposed solutions!
Next week we will begin individual roadmaps for each go_girl that will help outline their goals and paths to reach them. We will also dive into pseudo-coding!


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