go girl code + create recruitment process

The recruitment process has been happening over the past few months now, recruiting and engaging girls and young women to start this years go girl code + create project 2017!

I have been fortunate enough to meet some inspiring and inspirational young women from Oxford and surrounding areas.

We currently have 12 girls and young women keen to get started and join go girl.

Ashmita, Paula and I met the lovely JJ last week who is incredibly creative and talented- we had a great catch up with her and she will definitely have a lot to offer the project.

Me & Paige met Jade and Ebonnee in Oxford City Centre this week. We treated the girls to sandwiches and cakes and got to know them a little better. The girls expressed their interests in go girl and said they are really looking forward to getting started, meeting new people and experiencing something completely different in terms of a computer programme just for girls!


1:1 sessions carried out with a milkshake……of course! 🙂

Anne and I met with Abbey yesterday at the Department’s café. Abbey has already been thinking about creative ideas for the project and thinking about her goals and aspirations!

I have been meeting each of the girls 1:1 each week to get to know them and introduce them to go girl, getting to know their expectations and what they are hoping to achieve from engaging with the programme.

The girls and the team are very much looking forward to meeting one another next week- Wednesday 3rd May for the ‘Kick Off ‘ session getting to know one another, learning more about the project and introducing them to the beginning of the go girl code + create programme.

Watch this space…

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