Session 35: Working on our individual education- and career goal roadmaps

Today was the last official go_girl session! It was very sad but wonderful to see how far everyone has come in the past year! We started the session with the usual check-in. With the final go girl ceremony, which is taking place next Wednesday afternoon at Kellogg College, only a week away, we had a full program.

The main goal of today’s session was to complete our roadmaps, which detail our educational- and career goals depending on our own plans and circumstances, and which outline the next steps that we need to take in order to achieve these goals.


Mel explaining the different fields on the road map and discussing their road map with each person individually

We used a template with a road that allowed us to plan for each next step where we need to get information from, to write down what challenges we might face and how to overcome them, and where to get support and help from should we get off the road. For each of these factors there were different fields to fill in for each step. Despite the official coding sessions of the go girl project at the Department of Education coming to an end next week, Mel will continue to follow up with everyone at the Early Intervention Hub for the next few months, to support them and help everyone achieve the goals they have set for themselves.


The roadmap of one of the young women who would like to get a University degree in future

IMG_5460 - Version 2

The roadmap of another one of the young women who is planning to go on to become a midwife

IMG_5462 - Version 2

The roadmap of another one of the young women who would like to go on and learn more about computers and take a computer course

Next week, we will showcase our projects and speeches to our families and friends in our final Go Girl Awards Ceremony, and will also receive our AQA certificates. It will be good fun!

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