Session 34: planning for the ceremony

The session started today with the girls talking about their previous week and sharing what they have done over the recent weekend- JT shared with the group some photos of her cousin’s wedding she had attended Saturday.

The girls completed two questionnaire’s each- these were questions about their individual experiences with internet skills, confidence and internet safety. One of the questionnaires was for the girls to answer how they felt prior to go girl and the other was about there experiences now.






The girls then began to continue with the work they started last week in regards to the go girl ceremony on the 6th of July.

Pic2Chloe prepared the programme for the ceremony and Sabbah and Julia worked on completing the invitation. They found images of Ada Lovelace that they thought would be great to use on the invitation.

Frances and Isabel completed the flyer last week, the flyer is now ready to be printed and shared with family and friends.


Isabel and Frances continued to work on their app adding food diaries and fit tips.


Sabbah continued to work on her game- Dinosaur v Dinner adding script to the software and developing the character.

Chloe added to the go girl football fitness website- letting people know the dates and times of the next football sessions this coming September. The website is looking great and both Chloe and Rosie will continue adding to it over the summer period.

Great work girls looking forward to completing your projects next week in time for the ceremony!! 🙂

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