Session 33: Go Girl show case at East Oxford Hub

Today the go girls got together  at the East Oxford Hub. The group discussed last weeks event at the symposium and shared their thoughts.IMG_20160615_163955The group discussed the next steps for go girl and what needed to be done for the go girl ceremony which will be taking place at Kellogg College on 6th July 2016.

The girls started to plan for the ceremony and got into pairs to design the flyer, programme and invitation for friends and family members.

Staff from the East Oxford Hub joined the group half way through the session to introduce them selves and gave the girls the opportunity to tell them about what they had been doing and their involvement with go girl. The girls also shared their individual projects which was great 🙂




The girls and young women appear to be more confident in expressing themselves and feeding back to others about all of the fantastic work they have been doing!

We will all be meeting up again next week to complete the invitations and planning for the ceremony 🙂

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