Session 32: Practise, practise, practise!

Today’s session was all about giving our presentations the final polish and gaining that bit of extra confidence to present our projects to an audience.

We started the session by doing some funny vocal exercises to learn how to project our voices better, and then by rehearsing the presentations we had written to showcase our (still not fully finished) projects next Wednesday at the go_girl Symposium.


Sabbah giving her speech to the group


Sabbah demonstrating her Unity 3D game to the group










We then presented these talks & presentations to the group: each project team demonstrated their game/app/website, walking the group step by step through their games/apps/websites.


Julia demonstrating her scratch game ‘the Power of the Hematite’ to the group


Sabbah demoing her Unity 3D game


Rosie and Chloe introducing their go girl football fitness blog to the group


Chloe giving her speech


Rosie outlining the different blog pages

It’s only a week to go now! We are all a bit nervous, but the presentations went really well today and it will be a great opportunity to showcase the projects to a wider audience.

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