Session 30: Woo-hoo! Thirty sessions done!

After thirty Go girl sessions, it’s amazing to look back and see how far the girls have come. They have been committed to the project, putting in as much effort as they can. The improvements, the friendships and knowledge of new things have made all sessions worth it!

In today’s session, after our usual check-ins, we were joined by Tom and Mya from the University of Oxford Impact Team. They came to film and document what we do during our sessions as well as interact with the girls one-on-one. The documentary involved short interview sessions with some of the girls, talking about their experiences with Go girl Oxford so far. While the video interviews went on, the others continued working on their projects.

  • Personal Project Updates

Julia: spoke to Tom and Mya before working on her game. She introduced a different level of the Hematite game using Scratch, with more characters and improved interactions between them.

Chloe & Rosie: edited their video interview with Demi (a football personality) and uploaded content to the website. Rosie also agreed to be interviewed and added to the documentary.

Sabbah: continued working on the codes for her game after her interview with the Impact team.

Isabelle: worked alone today (Frances couldn’t make it). She started adding the recipes and exercises typed out earlier to her Fit Fatties app on Mobincube.

  • Practice Presentations

Just like we did in our last session (Session 29), the girls were encouraged to practice  presentations and public speaking using an ice-breaker public speaking task done towards the end of the session. Each girl picked a paper from the cup of mystery topics and spoke on whatever topic was stated in the paper they chose – using a set of guidelines. This task gave the girls an idea of what a presentation flow would be like. These practice exercises will continue as the girls continue working on their projects.

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