Session 29: Personal projects progress report

As the project presentation date draws closer, the girls are ensuring that they put in much effort to see their projects through to completion. Today, we started with our usual check-ins from the past week and discussed with the team the Women & Technology Symposium happening next month.


“We write codes and design websites with our fingernails on fleek!”

Rosie & Chloe continued with their Go girl football fitness website using WordPress; adding content like training plans from past sessions and  refining already existing information on their website.

Frances & Isabel also started adding content to their health and lifestyle app. They worked on food plans and exercise activities.

Julia worked on her game and finished the first level. She will be introducing more characters and activities to the next level of her game by our next session.

Sabbah decided to switch up her original idea of a dinosaur game since Unity 3D offers her more features. She continued writing short codes on Unity 3D to add more functionalities to her game.

At the end of the session, the girls were asked to give short presentations to the whole group – about the essence of their projects and their experiences. These presentations will be done for consecutive sessions to allow the girls practice for their public presentation during the symposium in June.

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