Session 28: Next phase of personal projects

Today we kicked off the session seeing how the girls’ week has been and sharing any updates. Two of the girls have new employment opportunities which is great news and they both will be starting their new roles this week.

The group discussed what work they had done over the previous week in regards to their individual projects and what work they were going to do today to move forward with this.

Chloe & Rosie: The girls started designing the web page for their project. They have found and secured a domain name and got started adding information about Go girl football fitness onto their new web page. You can follow their work-in-progress here!










Isabel & Frances: These two were working towards finding the right tool to use to input information for their health and lifestyle app which they have named ‘Fit Fatties’. They initially had planned to use Appy Pie, but after some research have now decided to use Mobincube instead, as they find the software better suited for their purpose. They both completed and are happy with their chosen logo. Today, they both continue to research and look at other apps similar to the one they are designing to get ideas for their own.


Sabbah: Sabbah continued to use Unity3D which she will be using to continue the design and format of her game ‘Dinosaur v. Dinner’.







Julia: Today Julia is at the next phase of her game design- she was writing commands for her main character. Julia is enjoying this phase of her project 🙂


The girls will continue to update their journals throughout the next few weeks and continue working hard on their individual projects 🙂

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