Session 27: Personal Projects – Phase 1

Today was very exciting and productive, though we didn’t have a full house because some of the girls couldn’t make it to the session, it was a good start for most of the personal and group projects. The take-home assignments and background research gave the girls a good platform to start working as most of them were able to find the right tools and techniques they needed to accomplish the set goals of their desired projects.

Everyone started working on the initial phase of their projects. Installing and using new tools like Appy PieAlice and Unity 3D for games and apps.


Health & Lifestyle app (Fit Fatties) Group


Frances & Isabel (Health and Lifestyle app group) worked on their logo design and learnt more about the application development tool they plan to use (Appy Pie). It was an exciting start for them and they plan on working on the information page of the app in the next session.



The Power of the Hematite Game


Julia, decided to start with the first interface design of her game called “The Power of the Hematite” using Scratch. She defined her characters and a couple of background settings where these characters will be carrying out various activities.




The Dinosaur Game


Sabbah initially started creating her Dinosaur game using Scratch but decided she wanted to try other tools that might enhance the outcome of her project. She tried out Alice but experienced some challenges. Finally, she was introduced to  Unity 3D. She spent the session installing the Unity 3D software package and watching tutorials on how to use the tool to complete her game project.





At the end of the session, the girls were told to keep a journal of their experiences as they work on their projects and to continue working during their spare time. Each group or individual had a clear plan for what the next tasks on their projects will be during our next session.

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