Session 26: Personal Projects – Background research and project planning

The long break is over and we are ready to start working on our personal projects! Today’s session started with our usual check-in and everyone seemed to have had a nice holiday- Sabbah in Egypt, Paula in Dubai, Anne & Niall doing fieldwork in Kenya, Julia’s birthday lunch outing, Go_girl football matches and so on.

During Session 24, we brainstormed and put together several creative ideas for our personal “Code + Create” projects. Today, we did some background research for each project idea. Girls with similar ideas formed groups so as to develop a project together; others worked on their projects individually. The aim of doing background research about a certain project idea was to teach the girls how to gather information and have a well thought-out plan of how they intend to realize it. The session involved about 40-60 minutes to do the following:

  • A market research (identifying what similar websites/apps/games they can find that are out there already).
  • Explain how their projects differ, why it is better and what it offers compared to similar projects out there.
  • Finally, create a concrete step-by-step plan of how they intend to proceed with their projects

After the set time for background research, each group or individual did a short presentation to the rest of the Go_girl team, reporting their responses to the given tasks above, results from their research and final plans for their project ideas.

  • Rosie & Chloe – will develop a “Go_girl Football Fitness” website.
  • Frances & Isabel – will be looking at technologies to develop mobile applications and will work on a “Health and lifestyle” app/website.
  • Julia – intends to re-create and combine four (4) of her favorite games into one (1) game.
  • Jess  – wants to design a media project for young people facing several issues in the world today.
  • Sabbah & Shannon – will design a “Dinosaur game” using Scratch and probably some other advanced programming tools.
  • Charlotte – will be creating a game related to cancer, to teach young people about cancer issues.

The session ended with take home assignments and a list of expected deliverables for our next session.

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