Session 23: Journalling our Coding Experiences

As is tradition by now, we started today’s session with our usual weekly check-in. Julia, Sabbah and Shannon updated those who could not attend last week about the session and gave examples of the domain name they chose. We then had a discussion about what and what not might be useful things to post on our blogs for potential employers to see. Things like new skills acquired, program in our coding, visits to job fairs etc. might all be good things to put up there, even if it’s just a picture of a visit to a job fair.

Sabbah, Shannon and Julia, who had already set up their blogs, then proceeded to write their first blog posts, w hile Chloe, Rosie, Frances, Isabel and Charlotte went about to find a domain name and set up their own blogs. Sabbah’s blog can be found here, Julia’s blog here, and Shannon’s blog here. (The links to the other blogs will be posted here as they become available). It was a good session and everyone worked very focused and efficiently.

In the next session, now fully equipped to journal our coding journey, we will continue to code with Scratch, building an interactive holiday card for the upcoming holidays, and will work on refining the ideas for our individual projects.


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